History Miscellaneous Quiz

History MCQ Quiz Set-3

History MCQ Quiz: 21. Consider the following according to the correct chronological order of the Governors-General during British IndiaI. WellesleyII. Marquess of HastingsIII. AmherstIV. Bentinck Show Answer Ans. A 22. Who among the following was the counterpart of Tipu Sultan during the Treaty of Seringapatnam?A. Warren HastingsB. Robert CliveC. CornwallisD. Dalhousie Show Answer Ans. C …

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History MCQ Quiz Set-1

History MCQ Quiz for UPSC, SSC, WBCS, PSC, all State PSC Exam. Ancient History Quiz Medieval History Quiz Modern History Quiz History Question and answer History MCQ Quiz: 1.. Study of the inscription is called:A. ArchaeologyB. NumismaticC. EpigraphyD. Palaeography Show Answer Ans. C 2. Which of the following is related to Etymology?A. ShikshaB. KalpaC. NiruktaD. …

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