Best Static GK Quiz 2021-2022 for Competitive Exam [Updated]

Static GK Quiz is for aspirants of UPSC, PSC, SSC, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, MPPSC, KPSC, RAIL, BANKING, ALL-STATE PSC students. Static GK Quiz covers the Best selected Questions and is very Important for Every Exam.

Static GK Quiz Set-1

1. Who is the president of Brazil?

A) Jair Bolsonaro

B) Jeanine Ánez

C) Rumen Radev

D) Paul Biya

Ans- Option A

Explanation: Capital – Brasilia, Currency – Real

2. Dronacharya Award is given to_________?

A) Sports Coaches

B) Doctors

C) Entrepreneurs

D) Authors

Ans- Option A

Explanation: Dronacharya Award is a sports coaching honor given to Outstanding Coaches in Sports and Games.

3. Where is the Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Cricket Stadium situated?

A) Silchar

B) Ahmedabad

C) Guwahati

D) Srinagar

Ans- Option C

4. What is the currency of Albania?

A) Lek

B) Dinar

C) Euro

D) Euro

Ans- Option A

Explanation: Capital – Tirana, President – Ilir Meta

5. Thiruvanthapuram is the capital city of which of the following Indian state?

A) Assam

B) Odisha

C) Kerala

D) Goa

Ans- Option C

Explanation: Chief Minister – Pinarayi Vijayan, Governor – Arif Mohammad Khan

6. Where is Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport located?

A) Kolkata, West Bengal

B) Amritsar, Punjab

C) Gurugram, Haryana

D) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

 Ans- Option D

7. Dhyan Chand National Stadium is located in which state/UT?

A) Chandigarh

B) Haryana

C) Delhi

D) Madhya Pradesh

Ans-  Option C

Special Notes:

The Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium is a legendary hockey Player and is commonly known by its former name, National Stadium is a field hockey stadium in New Delhi, India.

8. Major Dhyan Chand Stadium is located in Lucknow, UP

Where is Cheruthoni Dam located?

A) Tamil Nadu

B) Kerala

C) Karnataka

D) Andhra Pradesh

Option B

Special Notes:

The Cheruthoni Dam is located in Idukki District, Kerala

9. The Swami Vivekananda Airport is located in which state?

A) Chhattisgarh

B) Rajasthan

C) Haryana

D) Uttarakhand

Option A

Explanation: Atal Nagar, Chhattisgarh

10. What is the state bird of Himachal Pradesh?

A) Western tragopan

B) Yellow Bulbul

C) Hill myna

D) White-winged duck

Option A

Explanation: State animal – Snow leopard, State flower – Pink rhododendron, State. Check all Static GK Quiz

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